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Recipe - Rosemary's Relish

I created this recipe for one of my first teachers of herbal medicine Rosemary Gladstar. She declared it a weird formula and ate lots of it!

Preparation: Roast red bell peppers over an open flame until charcoaled all over. Then place them in a paper bag to steam until cool. With your fingers or a cloth wipe off all the charred skin. Then remove stem and seeds. Chop into quarter inch squares. Set aside.

Drain and pit kalamatta olives. Chop well. Note: do not use canned olives- they are usually tasteless. Kalamatta olives can often be found at deli's and Greek and middle- eastern food markets as well as coop's, larger health food stores and gourmet shops.

Make sure the pistachios are not rancid or stale tasting.

After finely chopping the pickled pepperoncini gently squeeze to remove the extra vinegar.

Finely mince or chop the fresh herbs till they are a course powder. Do not use dry herbs. If you cannot find fresh herbs at a local market try growing them yourself. Fresh herbs are a joy to cook with.

Mix 3/4 cup each of the roasted red bell peppers, pistachios, kalamatta olives, and pickled pepperoncini with at least a half teaspoon each of the minced oregano and marjoram. Taste. Use however much of the remaining ingredients to adjust the proportions until it tastes right to you. Serve within eight hours - the flavors will lose their vibrancy if kept longer or refrigerated over night.